I'm a Chicago-based writer and musician who got into media during college when I realized I could make a profession out of being a dilettante.

That curiosity still remains in my work. Whether I’m interviewing a nationally touring band or in a meeting with a start-up, I often get a small pause followed by “that's a good question.”

I currently contribute my skills as the Photo Editor at and also as a manager for the musician Cole DeGenova. With my current work, I am consulting individuals and brands on cultivating and growing an audience in a way that feels human and natural.

Before this venture, I've served as the Marketing & PR Manager for the arts organization Silk Road Rising, which focuses on promoting works by Asian and Middle Eastern American artists, and I worked on the communications team at Illinois Humanities throughout 2017, focusing on their arts programming during the City of Chicago’s “Year of Public Art.”

I have written about the arts, literature, and music for dozens of magazines and online publications. Here’s a list:

  • Third Coast Review, VAM Studio, Off-Kilter Magazine, Buried Muse, Performer Magazine, Melted Magazine, POND Magazine, Gapers Block, Hooligan Mag, Collide Magazine, Post-Trash, and many more.

When I write, I aspire to help document Chicago's ongoing and blooming cultural renaissance and to give music journalism a good name. (I feel most proud when I hear a musician say “I usual don't like interviews but this was really fun.”)

I've interviewed Waxahatchee, Diet Cig, Patti Smith's son Jackson Smith, A Giant Dog, Sugar Candy Mountain, Dee Dee Bridgewater, The Walters, Japanther, and so many more. I had been an organizer for DIY festival Warble Daze and have helped run shows with music companies Fifty50 Shows and Notion Presents.

Skills I'm currently learning:

  • Film Photography

  • Layout and graphic design

  • Booking shows

  • Narrative storytelling

A few fun facts:

  • I debated in the Capitol Building for my high school's constitutional debate team,

  • I've led my college's paper,

  • I've written stories for a Nairobi-based magazine while I studied in Kenya,

  • I (proudly) got my writing torn apart by a New York Times reporter during an internship,

  • and one of my bands opened for Guster.

Sneak into my DM's on Twitter or email me at