Journalistic Writing


> Premiere: Flesh Panthers - ‘Holy Roller’ LP (May 2019)

> Feature: Clearance Finds ‘Leisure’ (Nov 2018)

Culture Collide

> Premiere: Dream Pop Duo Desert Liminal Releases ‘Pipedream’ (Sept 2018)

> Premiere: The Prolific Brittany Campbell Releases New Video for ‘My Garden’ (Sept 2018)

> Feature: Real Friends Advocate for Mental Health with Third Album, ‘Composure’ (Aug 2018)

Indie Shuffle

> Song Review: Golden Daze - ‘Bluebell’ (Feb 2019)

> Song Review: Lala Lala & WHY? - ‘Siren 042’ (Feb 2019)

Hooligan Mag

> Feature/Profile: Like a Family, Slow Pulp Does Everything Together (April 2019)

> Review: RUINS - Self-titled EP (June 2018)

The Clyde Fitch Report

> Essay: “Remember How ‘This Is America’ Distracted Us?” (May 2018)

U.S. Green Building Council (entry for Learning Labs)

> Blog interview: “Solutions for Environmental Injustice” (May 2018)

The Art House

> Review: “Modified Trajectory” (October 2017)

Illinois Humanities

> Interview: Meet Jason, Our New Director of Advancement (May 2017)

> Feature: “Free Spirit Media: North Lawndale Youth Tell Their Stories” (April 2017)

> Feature: “Suspend Disbelief with Historical Actor and Road Scholar Dan Haughey” (March 2017)

Chicago Artists Resource

> Feature: “It takes an intense work ethic to develop any craft, or trade, or visual art”: A Conversation about Working as an Artist with Jason Brammer (February 2017)

> Feature: “What you make is what matters”: A Conversation with HATCH Resident Raul De Lara (January 2017)


> Interview: "Songs for Dads: The Walters on Touring, Recording, and Performance" (April 2017)

Local Spins

> Feature: “‘Roaming,’ unique Patchwork Festival in Saginaw, Bay City and Midland stitches artists together from all across The Mitten” (May 2017)

VAM Studio

> Feature: "Down in the Trumps": A Protest Song Compilation (December 2016)

> Feature: The Avantist (December 2016)

Performer Magazine

> Feature (Print Issue): The Best Podcasts to Fuel Your Musical Brain (December 2016)

> Feature: How to Prevent Gear Theft on Tour (November 2016)

> ListFavorite ’90s indie rock tracks (August 2016)

Melted Mag

> Short Essay & Playlist: Roll Over Bob Dylan: The Songwriters He Admired (December 2016)

> Feature: Creating a Concert Poster with Designer Einxel Reyes (November 2016)

> Interview: Sonny Falls (October 2016)

Buried Muse

> Feature: A Look Inside Andy Shauf's 'The Party' (November 2016)

> Interview: Bunny (October 2016)

> Interview: Treehouse Records (September 2016)

> Interview: J Fernandez (September 2016)

A Sea of Songs (Blog)

> Short EssayLou Reed's "Perfect Day" (August 2016)


> FeatureYoko and the Oh No's Take LA (October 2016)

> FeatureSofar Sounds: It’s Uber Music (September 2016)

> FeatureArte Style Culture: Meet Iicky Genes (August 2016)

> FeatureBrown Girls: A Love Story (August 2016)

Third Coast Review

Interview & Preview: Rock ’n’ Roll Isn’t Dead: A Giant Dog Talks to Us and Opens for Titus Andronicus Tonight at the Bottom Lounge (September 2016)

> Music Review: Reviews of Pitchfork Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 (July 2016)

Music Review: Somewhere Between a Dream and a Dance: Tame Impala @ UIC Pavilion (June 2016)

> Lit Review: Chicago Zine Fest Emphasizes the Community and the Creative Process (May 2016)

> Lit Review: Sound Criticism in the Noise of Opinions: A. O. Scott Speaks at Seminary Coop (April 2016)

> Interview & Preview: Ian Vanek (Japanther) and Howardian Tomorrow @ Subterranean (April 2016)

> Feature: The Young Wise Life of Andrew St. James (January 2016)

Pilot Light (Blog)

>  Easy Ways to Curb Food Waste at Home (June 2016)

>  Sugar: The Hidden Ingredient in Everything (June 2016)

>  Yusho's Ramen Battles: Thinking Outside the Kitchen (May 2016)

>  Picking Out Produce: Join us at Green City Market (May 2016)

Gapers Block

> Music Review: Yo La Tengo Mixes Acoustic Country and Electric Noise at the Vic (November 2015)

> Feature: Music Institute of Chicago Celebrates Sixth Annual Jazz Festival with Women in the Limelight (November 2015)

> Interview & Preview: Mike Krol with The Gooch Palms 10/7 @ Empty Bottle (October 2015)

> Music Review: Destroyer: Dark Lyrics and Bright Melodies in Thalia Hall's Old Opera House (September 2015)

> Feature: O+ Festival Builds a Positive Community (August 2015)

SMASH Magazine

> Food Review: El Inka: Southwest Michigan’s Only Peruvian Restaurant (June 2015)

> Food Review: Fandago: A Dance of Seven Dishes (May 2015)

> Food Review: The White Chicken: El Gallo Blanco Does Not Disappoint (April 2015)

Second Wave Media (Southwest Michigan)

Creating an arts hub with the help of their friends (December 2014)

Corner Records leaves the corner; returns as Satellite Records (June 2014)

Wax and Wane

Primer #6 - Beulah (January 2015)

Kalamazoo College's Office of College Communications

Ensemble Kalamazoo Includes K Harpist (July 2014)

Long Table; Close Community (July 2014)

Circle of Blue

Oil Pipeline, Long Submerged in Michigan’s Deep Waters, Fuels Public Concern (July 2013)

The Index

> News: Kalamazoo Coffee Co. Replaces Waterstreet (April 2015) 

> Satire ("Buzzkill"): Jazz Band Busted at Speak Easy (March 2015)

> News: Call and Response: A Rally Across Town (October 2014)

> News: Commission Seeks to Extend Power in Proposed Amendments (October 2014)

> Satire ("Buzzkill"): Anti-Federalists Hoist Gadsden Flag (August 2014) 

> Arts: Town & Gown Readings Band Kalamazoo Writers Together (January 2013)

> Arts: Kalamazoo Institute of Arts and Kalamazoo College Displays Picasso (January 2013)

Naked Music Magazine

> Feature: Gibson: A Kalamazoo Company (May 2012)

> Feature: Struttin': The Kalamazoo Strutt Moves (January 2012)


Creative Writing

> Nonfiction essay to be published in Tinderbox Editions (January 2017)

> Poem published in Aqueous Magazine (October 2014)

> Editor of Marcel "Fable" Price's poetry book Sea of M&Ms (Fall 2014)